Rich in its century-old history and its traditional know-how, DALMARD MARINE designs scarves in wool or cotton, striped or plain.

Timeless and durable, DALMARD MARINE unisex scarves are designed in Brittany and made in France and in Europe from French raw materials.

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Striped scarf unisex
Exist in 8 colours
39,00 €
Scarf kids
Exist in 6 colours
34,00 €
Scarf unisex wool
Exist in 16 colours
49,00 €
Scarf unisex wool
Exist in TU in 4 colours
54,00 €
Scarf unisex cotton
Exist in TU in 4 colours
44,00 €
Scarf unisex striped cotton
Exist in Adult size in 3 colours
34,00 €
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