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These General Conditions of Use govern access to and use of the Site and are intended to define the terms and conditions of use of the site.


In these General Conditions of Use, words or expressions starting with a capital letter will have the following meaning:

"Graphic charter": designates creations relating to the general structure of the Site.

"General Conditions of Use" or "GCU": designate these conditions of use for the website

"Content": designates brands, logotypes, domain names, graphics, photographs or animated images, sounds, texts, data, product descriptions, whether visual and / or audio.

"Homepage": means the Dalmard Marine shop webpage accessible from the URL address or any other URL address which may be substituted for it.

"User": designates any natural or legal person who visits one or more pages of the Site.

Acceptance and modification of the General Conditions of Use
Access to and use of the Site are subject to acceptance and compliance with these General Conditions of Use (hereinafter the "GCU").

By browsing the Site, whatever the technical means of access and the terminals used, the User is presumed to be aware of these terms and conditions and to accept the terms thereof without reservation.

These terms apply, as necessary, to any variation or extension of the homepage on existing or future social and / or community networks.

The Terms may be modified at any time by the company TERRE D'ISLANDE (hereinafter "TERRE D'ISLANDE") due to the evolving nature of the homepage which may be subject to modifications, in particular by the provision of new features or by removing or modifying certain features.

The User is therefore advised to refer to the latest version of the GCUs accessible at any time on the Site before any navigation. In case of disagreement with the GCUs, no use of the homeoage can be made by the user.

Access to the Homepage

The Site is accessible free of charge to any User with Internet access. All costs related to access to the Site, whether hardware, software or Internet access fees are the sole responsibility of the User.

Intellectual property

The Homepage taken as a whole, as well as each of the elements which compose it taken independently, in particular the specific programs and developments and the contents including brands, logotypes, domain names, graphics, photographs, still or animated images, sounds, texts, data, product descriptions whether visual and / or audio are the exclusive property of the company TERRE D'ISLANDE or third parties which have granted it a license.

Photo credits: Gildas Raffenel - Place cliché, Philippe Hurlet, Benjamin Decoin, Eric Huynh, Valéry Joncheray, Marco da Cunha, Emilia Jacotin, Yann Audic, Laurent Patouillard, Sacha Drouart, Eden Park, Dollyfilms/Belem Foundation, Olivier Lhemann, Mélanie Chaigneau, l’Œil de Paco.

The photographs, illustrations and editorial content used on this website are the property of Dalmard Marine. You are therefore not authorized to use the content in any form whatsoever, without the prior consent of its owner.

Any total or partial representation of the Site or one of the elements which compose it without the express authorization of the company TERRE D'ISLANDE is prohibited and would constitute an infringement punishable by articles L.335-2 and following of the Property Code intellectual law. 

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The brands and logotypes appearing on the Homepage are trademarks registered by the company TERRE D’ISLANDE or by third parties.

Any reproduction, imitation or use, total or partial, of these distinctive signs without express authorization and in violation of the prohibitions provided for in articles L.713-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code engages the responsibility of their author.

The other distinctive signs, in particular the corporate names, trade names, signs, domain names reproduced on the Site are the property of the company TERRE D'ISLANDE or third parties and any reproduction without express authorization is liable to constitute usurpation engaging responsibility of its author on the basis of article 1382 of the Civil Code.


Responsibility of the User

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Responsibility for TERRE D’ISLANDE

TERRE D’ISLANDE uses all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access to the Site. The Site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure or the occurrence of an event beyond the control of TERRE D'ISLANDE and subject to any breakdowns and maintenance interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the Homepage.

TERRE D’ISLANDE cannot, moreover, be held responsible for any malfunction of the network and / or servers or any other event beyond its control, which would prevent or degrade access to the Site.

TERRE D'ISLANDE reserves the right to interrupt, suspend temporarily or modify without notice access to all or part of the Site, in order to ensure its maintenance, or for any other reason, without no obligation or compensation of any kind whatsoever.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
These Terms are subject to French law. Any dispute related to the interpretation, validity and consequences of these terms and conditions and in the absence of a prior amicable solution, the Courts of Saint-Brieuc will be solely competent.